How Disabled Folks Benefit from Special Needs Trusts

Disabilities can occur at any age . . . . . . But disabilities do not have to mean the end of living a full life. However, the specifics of “a full life” for disabled people go well beyond the basic needs provided by government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid. Avoid…
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Best Places to Take Your Grandchildren in Birmingham

Although grandchildren love their grandparents, they do not typically consider time spent with grandma and grandpa as fun and exciting.  They would usually rather be playing with friends their own age or nose-deep in their smart phones.  Sure, Christmas and birthday presents will quickly boost you up the totem pole, but the effects of spoiling…
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Where to Put Your Trust – Alabama Family Trust

Learn how Alabama Family Trust helped the McCune family afford quality care for their mother, the late Lena McCune. After years of research, siblings Debbie, Steve, and Bradd chose to use Alabama Family Trust’s unique pooled special needs trust. “In protecting my mother’s money, she was able to continue her life affording all of the…
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How Hearing Loss Affects Alabama’s Senior Population

As the 22nd state to join the Union, Alabama is one of the nation’s most historical states,with strong ties to the American Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, and Industrial Revolution.   It was on the backs of our forefathers, and our parents, and Alabama’s current senior citizens that this great state was shaped into what…
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Alabama Family Trust wins state award for commitment to the elderly!

April 2017 – BIRMINGHAM, AL – Alabama Family Trust has been selected to receive the Alabama Gerontological Society’s 2016 Organization Award at their 36th Annual Conference for Alabama Family Trust’s commitment to improving the quality of life for older Alabamians. Alabama Family Trust is a pooled special needs nonprofit 501(c)3 trust established by the state…
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Dementia versus Alzheimer’s – What’s the Difference?

Here at Alabama Family Trust, we’re passionate about helping people care for their disabled loved ones. So it’s no surprise that we know a lot about things like dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, because both of these can bring about drastic life changes for both you and your aging parent – which means you may need…
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Resolve to Set Up a Special Needs Trust!

For your New Year’s resolution, consider setting up a special needs trust and providing financial security for your loved one. Read on to find out why a special needs trust is the resolution every family with a disabled loved one should make! Continued Medicaid Eligibility One way a special needs trust can help your disabled…
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Caring for Your Disabled Loved Ones This Year

As the new year begins, many of us are filled with hope and a sense of possibility. New beginnings are always refreshing – but if we’re honest, sometimes a new year doesn’t feel all that new – especially when it comes to those who care for disabled loved ones on a regular basis.  Thankfully, there’s…
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I Don’t Need a Special Needs Trust – Do I?

Many people believe that a special needs trust is only useful for parents of special needs children. While these parents and their children certainly do benefit from setting up a trust, many other situations can be helped by a special needs trust — most notably, when a disabled person possesses more than $2,000 in assets…
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