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Parenting Your Parents

Parenting your parents means getting involved with their long-term care plans, if any, their finances and estate plans.

Alabama Family Trust Selects Warren Averett Asset Management

The Alabama Family Trust selected Warren Averett Asset Management to provide professional money management and investment services effective April 1, 2018. Warren Averett Asset Management offers Alabama Family Trust and its beneficiaries a unique, comprehensive solution that includes recordkeeping, administrative services, and investment management all under one firm umbrella.  With this new partnership, Alabama Family…
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Taking Care of Family

Southerners often pride themselves on taking care of family.  However, as family members live longer and Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are becoming more common, caring for an aging loved one can be challenging. Many times, family members cannot quit their jobs to care for the loved one, or they may not have the…
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How Disabled Folks Benefit from Special Needs Trusts

Disabilities can occur at any age . . . . . . But disabilities do not have to mean the end of living a full life. However, the specifics of “a full life” for disabled people go well beyond the basic needs provided by government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid. Avoid…
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Best Places to Take Your Grandchildren in Birmingham

Although grandchildren love their grandparents, they do not typically consider time spent with grandma and grandpa as fun and exciting.  They would usually rather be playing with friends their own age or nose-deep in their smart phones.  Sure, Christmas and birthday presents will quickly boost you up the totem pole, but the effects of spoiling…
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Where to Put Your Trust – Alabama Family Trust

Learn how Alabama Family Trust helped the McCune family afford quality care for their mother, the late Lena McCune. After years of research, siblings Debbie, Steve, and Bradd chose to use Alabama Family Trust’s unique pooled special needs trust. “In protecting my mother’s money, she was able to continue her life affording all of the…
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Holidays, Nursing Homes, and Medicaid

December is here; for many, it is a time of excitement, family time, holiday parties, good food and presents. Sadly, for many seniors, it is often a time of depression, illness and transition to a nursing home during the winter months. Families realizing that their loved one must enter a nursing home learn that a…
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