Sleep and Sensory Processing Disorder

Useful Information for Parents of Children on the Autistic Spectrum While not all children with autism experience sensory processing disorder, those who do rely on the love and care of parents to make daily life manageable. In particular, bedtime can become a long process for hypo- and hyper-sensitive kids. As sleep experts at Slumber Yard, we…
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SNT 101 from Alabama Family Trust

Wait, is this a college course?  Nope.  It is an overview of Special Needs Trusts (thus the SNT) and what they offer for disabled Alabamians as a complement to governmental entitlements such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.  Use this information as a refresher for yourself or send the link to someone you know…
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Insights from a Special Needs Trust Representative

Dana Zimbleman of Colorado used a special needs trust through Alabama Family Trust to care for her mother, Iva Posey, here in Alabama.  Dana has graciously provided Alabama Family Trust with the following summary of her experience to share with others who have elderly loved ones. The Long Yet Fast Decline in Health (also known as…
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Start at the End – Pre-need Funeral Plans

Start at the End When reading a book, you don’t usually read the last page first. However, a representative should take care of that last page as soon as a special needs trust is established for an elderly loved one (a life beneficiary). Why? Because by law, a special needs trust is frozen as soon…
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Alabama Family Trust is Still on the Job in Spite of COVID-19

ALABAMA FAMILY TRUST STAFF WILL NOT MEET DIRECTLY WITH THE PUBLIC AT THIS TIME.  PLEASE CONTACT US BY PHONE, EMAIL, FAX, OR BY MAIL.  The Alabama Family Trust staff working remotely to protect your and their health. Ideally, we will receive any requests and supporting documentation from you by email. We will also have access…
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Work/Life Balance Among Senior Citizens

According to a study conducted by LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, nearly 51 percent of people retire by the age of 65, and only 10 percent of seniors work to the age of 75.  Senior citizens may perhaps be the most interesting age demographic in the workforce because, unlike their younger colleagues, less than half the…
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