AFT announces changes to Board of Trustees

Alabama Family Trust has made changes to its board of directors as it mourns the passing of its former board chairman.  Clayton Davis, a respected attorney who was President of the AFT Board of Directors, passed away Oct. 14. He has served on AFT’s board since 2011.  “Clayton did so much over the years to…
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AFT Board Chairman Clayton Davis passes away

Clayton Keith Davis (68) passed away at his home in Ozark, AL on October 14, 2023. He was born February 23, 1955 in Birmingham, AL to Delores Thrasher Davis (d. 2018) and is survived by his Father, Billy Keith Davis (94), his sister, Dr. Ruth Yvonne Davis, and younger brother, Lyle Thrasher Davis, (and Lyle’s…
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Updated fillable trust forms available at AFT website

Alabama Family Trust is pleased to work with attorneys as you help clients establish special needs trusts. Toward that end, we have updated all the forms you need to create a first-party, third-party revocable or third-party irrevocable trust.  The forms are available on our website under the Documents tab here. We also have a checklist to…
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AFT adds low-risk investment option for clients with conservative financial goals

Alabama Family Trust offers for your consideration a new investment option that may be appropriate for your clients with conservative financial goals.  As its name implies, the Capital Preservation Allocation is a low-risk investment option from Waverly Advisors designed to provide peace of mind to investors who are uneasy about fluctuating interest rates and the…
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Alabama Family Trust announces leadership changes

Alabama Family Trust announced leadership changes, including naming Lesley Byars its Executive Director.  Alabama Family Trust is a nonprofit organization created by the Alabama Legislature to manage Special or Supplemental Needs Trusts of all sizes. Based in Birmingham, AFT helps families hold funds in trust so they can provide for their senior or disabled family…
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Sleep and Sensory Processing Disorder

Useful Information for Parents of Children on the Autistic Spectrum While not all children with autism experience sensory processing disorder, those who do rely on the love and care of parents to make daily life manageable. In particular, bedtime can become a long process for hypo- and hyper-sensitive kids. As sleep experts at Slumber Yard, we…
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SNT 101 from Alabama Family Trust

Wait, is this a college course?  Nope.  It is an overview of Special Needs Trusts (thus the SNT) and what they offer for disabled Alabamians as a complement to governmental entitlements such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.  Use this information as a refresher for yourself or send the link to someone you know…
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Insights from a Special Needs Trust Representative

Dana Zimbleman of Colorado used a special needs trust through Alabama Family Trust to care for her mother, Iva Posey, here in Alabama.  Dana has graciously provided Alabama Family Trust with the following summary of her experience to share with others who have elderly loved ones. The Long Yet Fast Decline in Health (also known as…
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Start at the End – Pre-need Funeral Plans

Start at the End When reading a book, you don’t usually read the last page first. However, a representative should take care of that last page as soon as a special needs trust is established for an elderly loved one (a life beneficiary). Why? Because by law, a special needs trust is frozen as soon…
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