Skilled Care Facilities

Supplemental Needs Trusts through Alabama Family Trust can be used to hold “spend-down” resources to help residents become financially qualified for Medicaid sooner. Also, if your resident receives a Medicaid penalty, funds from the trust can be used to pay for monthly private pay charges throughout the penalty period (or until the funds are depleted). 

A Supplemental Needs Trust truly complements a resident’s Medicaid or SSI benefits.  For example, the trust can pay for therapy, medications, upgraded furnishings, and durable medical equipment such as a higher quality hospital bed.  The world can be brought to clients in the skilled care facility with extras such as phone, cable, internet services, books, entertainment, and tuition to online courses. 

Skilled care facility residents often start out as private pay and then convert to government benefits when qualified.  Once the Supplemental Needs Trust is set up, both government benefits and the trust can continue to fund services for the Beneficiary.  Families of the disabled appreciate that the skilled care facility can handle both the immediate and longer-term needs of their disabled loved ones. The impact for skilled care facilities is more secure revenues and more satisfied residents.

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