Parenting Your Parents

Parenting your parents means getting involved with their long-term care plans, if any, their finances and estate plans.

Work/Life Balance Among Senior Citizens

According to a study conducted by LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, nearly 51 percent of people retire by the age of 65, and only 10 percent of seniors work to the age of 75.  Senior citizens may perhaps be the most interesting age demographic in the workforce because, unlike their younger colleagues, less than half the…
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Alabama Family Trust Turns 25

Time Flies – Let us re-introduce Alabama Family Trust.  Back in 1994, the Alabama Legislature passed the statute to create Alabama Family Trust.  For the past 25 years, Alabama Family Trust has been the only non-profit, pooled trust company in Alabama  administering $30M+ in special needs trust assets for disabled children, adults, and seniors. Board…
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Special Needs Trusts and Medicaid Eligibility

Can you Explain Special Needs Trusts and Medicaid Eligibility? No Problem! Even if you have used a special needs trust and Medicaid application yourself, it’s still difficult to explain it to someone else.  Alabama Family Trust can handle this situation. Just break out the popcorn and join your friend to: Watch this video  Of course,…
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Alabama Family Trust Selects Warren Averett Asset Management

The Alabama Family Trust selected Warren Averett Asset Management to provide professional money management and investment services effective April 1, 2018. Warren Averett Asset Management offers Alabama Family Trust and its beneficiaries a unique, comprehensive solution that includes recordkeeping, administrative services, and investment management all under one firm umbrella.  With this new partnership, Alabama Family…
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Should Your Trust File a Tax Return?

As a co-trustee, don’t let the question of a trust tax return keep you up at night.  The answer is . . . it depends. Fortunately, the Special Needs Alliance has an excellent trust tax summary  which was published in the The Voice newsletter. Review the information and talk to your accountant about what is…
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Planning Ahead for Elderly and Disabled Individuals

Still thinking about New Year resolutions? Think beyond the usual “I’m going to lose weight, exercise more, and get healthy” resolutions and commit to one you can keep with just a small amount of effort. Give Funds to Disabled Family Members the Right Way Estate planning is important to make sure your wishes are carried…
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Taking Care of Family

Southerners often pride themselves on taking care of family.  However, as family members live longer and Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are becoming more common, caring for an aging loved one can be challenging. Many times, family members cannot quit their jobs to care for the loved one, or they may not have the…
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