Special Needs Trusts and Medicaid Eligibility

Can you Explain Special Needs Trusts and Medicaid Eligibility? No Problem! Even if you have used a special needs trust and Medicaid application yourself, it’s still difficult to explain it to someone else.  Alabama Family Trust can handle this situation. Just break out the popcorn and join your friend to: Watch this video  Of course,…
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Planning Ahead for Elderly and Disabled Individuals

Still thinking about New Year resolutions? Think beyond the usual “I’m going to lose weight, exercise more, and get healthy” resolutions and commit to one you can keep with just a small amount of effort. Give Funds to Disabled Family Members the Right Way Estate planning is important to make sure your wishes are carried…
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Taking Care of Family

Southerners often pride themselves on taking care of family.  However, as family members live longer and Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are becoming more common, caring for an aging loved one can be challenging. Many times, family members cannot quit their jobs to care for the loved one, or they may not have the…
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How Disabled Folks Benefit from Special Needs Trusts

Disabilities can occur at any age . . . . . . But disabilities do not have to mean the end of living a full life. However, the specifics of “a full life” for disabled people go well beyond the basic needs provided by government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid. Avoid…
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Where to Put Your Trust – Alabama Family Trust

Learn how Alabama Family Trust helped the McCune family afford quality care for their mother, the late Lena McCune. After years of research, siblings Debbie, Steve, and Bradd chose to use Alabama Family Trust’s unique pooled special needs trust. “In protecting my mother’s money, she was able to continue her life affording all of the…
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MORE Medicaid and Nursing Home Myths: BUSTED!

We’ve talked before about a few of the most common Medicaid and nursing home myths, and today, we’re back for more! Keep reading and make sure you know what is fact and what is fiction.  Myth: If I give ANYTHING away, I am ineligible for Medicaid. Although this is not true, this particular area of…
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What Is the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program?

Because Medicaid is a costly government program, federal law requires that every state have a “Medicaid Estate Recovery Program.” That means that after your death, your survivors might have to pay back Medicaid out of your estate for certain services that were provided to you. Here, we’ll go into just a few of the details…
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Medicaid and Nursing Home Myths: BUSTED!

There are a lot of myths out there about Medicaid, nursing homes, and how one affects the other. So how can you separate fact from fiction? By consulting the experts at Alabama Family Trust, of course! When it comes to Medicaid, nursing homes, and protecting your loved one’s assets, we’re the ones to ask. Read…
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