Resources for Children with Special Needs

Alabama Family Trust Turns 25

Time Flies – Let us re-introduce Alabama Family Trust.  Back in 1994, the Alabama Legislature passed the statute to create Alabama Family Trust.  For the past 25 years, Alabama Family Trust has been the only non-profit, pooled trust company in Alabama  administering $30M+ in special needs trust assets for disabled children, adults, and seniors. Board…
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5 Great Blogs for Parents of Special Needs Children

When you’re the parent of a special needs child, the challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. You want to reach out to other parents who are in the same boat, but where do you find them? Unless you happen to know other parents of special needs children in real life, the Internet is your best bet….
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How to Choose Daycare for Your Special Needs Child

When it comes to your special needs child, you only want the best — especially when it comes to choosing their childcare provider while you are at work or fulfilling other obligations. But how do you choose the best daycare for special needs kids? Read on for tips from Alabama Family Trust! Consider a Special-Needs…
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How Music Affects Children with Disabilities

Music is a powerful thing. Hearing a song from our high school days can instantly transport us back to those hallways and classrooms, bringing back faces and memories we haven’t thought of in years. For those who are musically inclined, spending time at a piano or with a guitar in hand can neutralize stress and…
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