5 Great Blogs for Parents of Special Needs Children

special needs blogs
When you’re the parent of a special needs child, the challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. You want to reach out to other parents who are in the same boat, but where do you find them?
Unless you happen to know other parents of special needs children in real life, the Internet is your best bet. Read on to learn about five great special needs blogs that will make you feel like part of a community!

#1: Hopeful Parents

“We do the very best we can, which often takes a toll on us. We come here to share our feelings with other parents who understand.” This blog consists of an amazing group of parents who all share their stories. You’ll laugh, cry, and feel understood as you read about their journeys. Additionally, you’ll enjoy an opportunity to engage in the conversation and become a part of the community.

#2: Love That Max

“I launched Love That Max in October 2008 as an inspirational, informational, occasionally irreverent blog,” says the site’s author, mom to a little boy with cerebral palsy. Updated daily, this blog is a deeply personal and profoundly moving resource for anyone with special needs kids in their life.

#3: Wrightslaw

This blog has got to be one of the most thorough resources out there about special needs laws and education. Simply put, if you want to make sure your child is getting what he or she should get from your city/state and their school, this blog is the one that will help you do just that.

#4: MOM: Not Otherwise Specified

One of the best parts of this blog is the author’s personal, engaging way of expressing herself. Each story feels like something that’s happening right in front of your eyes — like the time her son, who has autism, got in trouble at school for leaving an auditorium that was overloading his senses. A wonderful blog filled with humor and sweet sadness, you’ll look forward to each new MOMNOS post, for sure.

#5: Support for Special Needs

“We have more in common than separates us,” say the site’s founders. This blog focuses on shared stories rather than differences, and it’s another place where you’re sure to feel understood by a community. Each post is beautifully honest and will draw you in immediately. This is a great site to come when you need to hear from people just like you.

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