Legal Advice for Attorneys

Alabama Family Trust’s View on Legal Advice

Alabama Family Trust is a non-profit pooled special needs trust administration company. While several members of our board are attorneys, Alabama Family Trust is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or assistance to the public.

Things Alabama Family Trust Can Do

  • Assist you in completing Alabama Family Trust documents
  • Help you understand what documents you need to provide in order to establish a trust with Alabama Family Trust
  • Give you general information about how Social Security or Medicaid should view certain payments made from the trust
  • Answer questions that deal specifically with a trust you have established with Alabama Family Trust

Things Alabama Family Trust Cannot Do

  • Provide legal advice
  • Calculate the amount of money you should deposit into the trust
  • Tell you what you could or should do to qualify for government benefits
  • Assist you in obtaining government benefits
  • Give advice on how you should respond to or interact with the Social Security Administration or a Medicaid Agency

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