AFT adds low-risk investment option for clients with conservative financial goals

Alabama Family Trust offers for your consideration a new investment option that may be appropriate for your clients with conservative financial goals. 

As its name implies, the Capital Preservation Allocation is a low-risk investment option from Waverly Advisors designed to provide peace of mind to investors who are uneasy about fluctuating interest rates and the volatility of stocks and bonds. 

Attorneys, CPAs and investment advisors who work with AFT to create and administer trusts for their clients asked us to offer this new investment option to accommodate investors whose situation provides them no capacity to take investment risk or those who can’t emotionally tolerate the possibility of losing any value in their portfolio. 

The Capital Preservation Allocation is comprised of 75% cash and 25% fixed income with a low risk profile and a current 4.60% SEC yield. Funds will only be placed into the Capital Preservation Allocation model at the request of the trust beneficiary or their representative.

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